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DENTA CO2 Lasers: The superior wavelength
for in-office dental & cosmetic procedures

GPT Dental markets advanced medical and dental laser products for use in General Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Periodontal Surgery, Oral Surgery and other specialties. GPT Dental is the exclusive distributor in North America of the DENTA 2 CO2 laser (for intraoral soft-tissue applications) and the DENTA Rf CO2 laser (for both intraoral applications and fractional skin resurfacing).

Lasers are widely used in a variety of medical and dental fields for cosmetic and general surgeries. While dentists have many choices, real world experience using lasers demonstrates the tremendous advantage and flexibility of the CO2 wavelength employed by the DENTA 2 and DENTA RF CO2 lasers. Replace your scalpel with a CO2 laser and start seeing the benefits immediately.

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