GPT Dental’s Micro-pulse technology leads the way for ease-of-use and expanded clinical applications

Micro-pulse technology, used in GPT DENTA lasers, allows for gentle tissues interaction without sacrificing the clear benefits of CO2 surgical procedures.

Micro-pulse technology uses micro-second pulse widths for greater control, greater precision, and ease-of use.

  • CO2 allows you to perform and charge for more procedures.
  • Patient benefits include: no charring, faster healing & greater comfort.
  • Enables a much broader scope of procedures and applications, including deep incisions and laser-assisted periodontal therapy (LAPT).
  • GPT Dental lasers have the industry’s narrowest cutting width—down to 0.1mm—for greater incisional precision.

Avoid the so-called ‘high-speed’ lasers which can be more difficult for operaters to use effectively. Replace your scalpel with a DENTA2 CO2 laser and start seeing immediate benefits.