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Here's what our customers have to say...

Dr. Kerry Damascus

– Bronxville, NY

"Laser Facial Resurfacing' is a new and growing field ignited by technology displayed by the DENTA Rf laser. This single unit allows intra-oral soft tissue laser treatments as well as the extra-oral use for facial resurfacing. This modality of treatment sets my practice apart from others practicing facial aesthetics."

Dr. Damascus is a practicing periodontist in Westchester County, New York who has successfully integrated the use of a micropulsed CO2 laser into his practice for a wide range of intraoral soft tissue management applications and facial resurfacing.  Dr. Damascus has lectured extensively over the years to both general dentists and periodontists on topics relating to dental implants, osseous grafting, and ridge augmentation.

Dr. Lou Graham

– Chicago, IL

"The DENTA 2 CO2 laser has become such an important part of my practice, I can't imagine practicing without it. It allows me to perform an incredible range of procedures with both clinical speed and precision.  In addition, it is one of the most comfortable tools in my office - my patients love it!"

Dr. Graham is an internationally recognized lecturer extensively involved in continuing education for dental professionals, focusing on incorporating current clinical advancements through conservative dentistry.  He emphasizes in his teachings the same things he practices: dental health diagnosis, treatment plans for medically compromised patients, conservative treatment, cosmetic dentistry, and customized approaches to periodontal care, implants, and laser dentistry.

Dr. Graham is a graduate of Emory Dental School. He is the past Dental Director and holds a part time faculty position at the University of Chicago. He enjoys providing dental care at his private practice, University Dental Professionals, in Chicago, IL – Hyde Park.

Dr. Rob Heller

– Midwest Implant Institute, Columbus, OH

"Next to dental implants, the technology found in the DENTA 2 CO2 laser is the next best thing to happen to dentistry. A day doesn't go by where it isn't used in my private practice, and it has become a staple in my courses at the Midwest Implant Institute."

Dr. Heller is an honorary fellow and faculty member of the Midwest Implant Institute. He served as president of the Ohio Section of the American College of Prosthodontists and chairman for the Ohio Dental Association's Sub council on Young Dentists. He is also an associate fellow of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, staff member at Grady Memorial Hospital, and serves on the board of directors of Columbus Dental Society. Dr Heller is also an active member in The American Dental Association, Ohio Dental Association, Columbus Dental Society, and American College of Prosthodontists.

Dr. Chuck Hoopingarner

– Houston, TX

"My GPT DENTA 2 CO2 laser lives in my hygiene room where it benefits 6-8 patients a day.  My operative time is lowered by healthy tissues and happy patients.  When we can pry it away it makes frenectomies, vestibuloplasties, fibroma removal and excisional biopsies a quick, easy and very comfortable in office procedure."

Charles Hoopingarner, DDS, is a 1973 graduate of The University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston. He has maintained a private practice in Houston Texas since 1973. Dr. Hoopingarner is an adjunct Associate Professor at The University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston for eleven years and a Clinical Instructor at the Las Vegas Institute since 1997. He holds advance and standard proficiency certification by the ALD, is a Master of the Academy of Laser Dentistry.

Dr. Michael Kelly

– Scottsdale, AZ

"I used a diode laser for many years for cosmetic cases - It always somewhat disappointed with its efficiency. The DENTA 2 CO2 laser has transformed our practice. From periodontal therapy, implant dentistry and most aspects of our restorative practice, the GPT DENTA 2 CO2 laser is our go-to resource for efficient, comfortable and predictable results."

A graduate from the Medical College of Georgia School of Dentistry in 1993, Dr. Kelly joined Aesthetic Vision Seminars several years ago to share his passion, knowledge, and experience with other dentists. His commitment to dental excellence is shown by his attainment of Mastership in the International College of Oral Implantologists, over 1700 hours of advanced study, Mastership in the Academy of General Dentistry, and his work towards Accreditation in the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Dr. Ed Kusek

– Sioux Falls, SD

"I truly love my Denta 2 10600nm laser.  I purchased the laser due to the great number of Lip and Tongue tie cases we do each week.  I soon found out that the laser cuts much quicker than using 9300nm CO2 with less bleeding!  The laser is light weight to the touch with minimal hand fatigue than what I had used previously, the menu makes quick use of the laser and the aiming beam is a plus compared to other 10600nm laser on the market used for TOTS treatments.  I now use it for a great number of my soft tissue procedures.  It has become an great tool to use daily in my practice.  Company is great to work with and gives me quick response to my questions.  I believe it is the best 10600nm CO2 laser on the market and would highly recommend its purchase!."

Dr. Edward Kusek is committed to providing excellence in dentistry. He stands out as a leading dentist in Sioux Falls and uses the latest in dentistry techniques to provide you with a beautiful and healthy smile. Additionally, Dr. Edward Kusek believes strongly in education to prevent oral health problems before they occur, and makes sure to keep patients fully informed about their dental health. Dr. Kusek is a general dentist truly compassionate about continuing education and offering his patients the latest advancements in general dentistry.

Dr. Ron Massie

– Lake Ozark, MO

"Having used three different types of laser systems, the Lutronic DENTA Rf CO2 is by far the best and most efficient instrument I have ever had! I appreciate the engineering expertise that makes the laser so easy for my clinical work - all of my intraoral and facial resurfacing results have been excellent! Thanks to the GPT Dental team!"

Dr. Ron Massie has served on the faculty of the U.M.K.C. dental school, and in addition to maintaining a private practice in Lake Ozark, is on the surgery staff at Lake Regional Hospital.  A leading proponent in technology integration, Dr. Massie has been a clinical consultant for Patterson Dental. He currently owns 3 U.S. patents in diagnostic radiology and several in numerous countries around the world, and is developing technology for Dentistry and Orthopedics that will create a "New Standard of Care" for the respective professions.

Dr. Edward Miller

– Scottsdale, AZ

"I have been using a diode laser for 12 years and did not know what I was missing until we started using GPT's DENTA 2 CO2 Laser.  It is like we came out of the dark ages of laser care for our patients. It is so easy and predictable that it is used every day. We could not possibly provide the same level of care for our perio, implant, and restorative patients without it."

Dr. Miller is a graduate of Loyola University School of Dentistry.  He is a past clinical instructor at a major cosmetic training institute. He is founder and co-director of Aesthetic Vision Seminars which provides cosmetic, everyday dentistry and laser seminars for dentists  throughout the US in his Scottsdale office.  Dr. Miller also serves as clinical advisor for Becden Dental Lab in Draper, UT.

Dr. Lisa Marie Samaha

– Newport News, VA

"The training and service [I] received from GPT has been nothing short of amazing...I can t imagine practicing Dentistry without the DENTA laser in my hands all day long. It is integral to my every day practice of Dentistry..."

Dr. Samaha is the founder and director of the Perio Arts Institute, and is a leading educator in the field of treating periodontal disease utilizing a variety of modalities.  Dr. Samaha's dedication to research over the past 28 years is now taught as a comprehensive protocol for the conservative and successful treatment of periodontal disease.  In addition to her focus on periodontal disease, Dr. Samaha's practice is also focused on reconstructive and comprehensive dentistry, as well as the treatment of sleep disorders.

Dr. Sol Silverman

– San Francisco, CA

"Having used lasers for over 30 years, I can say that the DENTA CO2 laser is a superb piece of technology that I exclusively use in the surgical control of precancerous oral lesions primarily leukoplakias with and without microscopic dysplasia. The successful results are due to its ease of use, control of energy and its precision. Thank you, GPT Dental, for your wonderful machine!"

Dr. Sol Silverman, Jr. is an oral medicine specialist and an expert in the treatment of oral cancer. Silverman, who heads one of UCSF's oral medicine clinics, is an advocate for prevention and early detection of oral cancer. He has helped develop training programs for dentists to better detect oral cancer and education programs on smoking cessation to reduce the risk of oral cancer.

Silverman is a diplomate of the American Board of Oral Medicine, past president of the board and past president of the American Academy of Oral Medicine. He has published more than 300 scientific articles, chapters in textbooks and monographs. Silverman is a consultant to the American Dental Association Council on Scientific Affairs and a national spokesperson for the association. He received the prestigious Margaret Hay Edwards medal from the American Association for Cancer Education for outstanding contributions. He is a professor of oral medicine in the UCSF School of Dentistry.

Dr. Mark Simpson

– Charleston, WV

"The DENTA CO2 allows me to perform certain procedures with an efficiency I would normally not be able to achieve and procedures I would not normally do at all.  The CO2 laser contributes to providing a higher standard of care for my patients and practice."

Dr. Simpson, President of Simpson Dental Associates and Family and Cosmetic Dentistry has more than 25 years experience placing and restoring dental implants (he places approximately 500 annually). Recognized as a leader in dentistry, he lectures both nationally and internationally on topics including implants, cosmetics, and practice management. Dr. Simpson also provides on-site training courses at Simpson Dental Associates for dentists around the country.  Dr. Simpson is a member of the Academy of Osseointegration, American Academy of Fixed Prosthodontics, the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, and the American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology.

Gwen Smukowski, RDH, BS

– Chicago, IL

"GPT represents the quintessential aspects of a leading company. A reliable product that delivers exceptional clinical results... A corporate team that is not only dedicated to the success of their product but the ongoing success of their clients."

Gwen Smukowski is the Founder of Continuity Consulting, an educator and consultant for an international dental awareness firm, a national speaker, as well as clinical hygienist in private practice. Gwen maintains her focus on the development and expansion toward excellence in periodontal care and aesthetic/restorative team support. This focus on excellence has taken her worldwide as an instructor and speaker on the subjects of laser-assisted periodontal health, practice management, leadership development, integrated marketing, and team based comprehensive dentistry. As a consultant and coach, her focus is to inspire and empower dental teams with current research, technology, and the systems necessary to reach new levels of growth and success for their practice.

Major Speaking engagements include American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Academy of General Dentistry, California Dental Association, Pacific Dental Conference, NJHPDI, Chicago Midwinter Meeting, Rocky Mountain Dental Conference, Star of the South Dental Conference, and the ADHA Annual Conference.

Dr. Ronald Orr

– Belmont, MA

"The DENTA CO2 laser is without question the best way to perform certain procedures - it is an invaluable and irreplaceable tool for anyone wanting to provide the very best patient care."

Dr. Orr is currently an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Periodontology at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine.  He graduated from Northwestern University Dental School where he completed an Honors periodontics program. He received a Masters of Public Health from Harvard University where he was awarded the W.K. Kellogg Foundation Fellowship in health policy and management. He received his postdoctoral clinical certificate in Periodontology from the Harvard School of Dental Medicine.

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