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Intraoral Soft Tissue Dental Laser: DENTA 2

The global leader for intraoral soft tissue applications

Proven Wavelength – Innovative Technology

The CO2 wavelength has been the gold standard for intraoral soft-tissue applications for decades due to its affinity for water and its ability to penetrate only 0.1 mm – 0.2 mm into soft tissue. Now, with our innovative DENTA MicroSpeed™ technology, pulse widths can be generated up to 40μs (millionths of a second).

Unlocking the Gentle Power of the CO2 Laser

With MicroSpeed™ technology, this highly effective and efficient medium can be turned into the gentlest tool found in the dental operatory. What does this mean clinically? To name just a few, it means a radical reduction in patient discomfort and anxiety, faster healing times, more predictable outcomes, the ability to work in the periodontal pocket for bacterial reduction, and broader applications in implantology. This capability renders traditional scalpel procedures a relic of the past and will take your practice to new heights. Replace your scalpel with a laser and start seeing immediate benefits.

Precision Engineering and Elegant Design


The complete line of DENTA™ lasers is manufactured by Lutronic™ to the highest standards ofquality. All the components meet or exceed industry standards for workmanship and performance. Lutronic’s use of their Digital Feedback System (DFS) provides consistent peak power, and the ability to quickly switch handpieces and tips ensure quick set-up and versatility. From the 7 inch color touch screen, to the free-flowing arm, to the ergonomically designed handpiece, the DENTA 2™ is an elegant piece of equipment that looks and feels at home in every operatory.


 • Frenectomy
 • Gingivectomy
 • Gingivoplasty
 • Vestibuloplasty
 • Gingival Troughing
 • Aphthous Ulcers
 • Herpetic Lesions
 • Leukoplakia
 • Lichen Planus
 • Hemangioma
 • Fibroma Excision and Biopsy
 • Implant Placement
 • Implant Uncovering
 • Peri-implantitis

Includes all tips and handpieces for all applications

Variable spot size of either 0.1 mm or 0.2 mm for precise incisions and ablation

7" LCD touch screen

Denta 2 Laser
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