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CO2 DENTA LASERS that take your practice to the next level.



DENTA CO2 Lasers:

The superior wavelength for in-office dental & cosmetic procedures


GPT Dental markets advanced medical and dental laser products for use in General Dentistry, Periodontal Surgery, Oral Surgery and other specialties. GPT Dental is the exclusive distributor in North America of the DENTA 2 CO2 laser for intraoral soft-tissue applications.

Lasers are widely used in a variety of medical and dental fields for cosmetic and general surgeries. While dentists have many choices, real world experience using lasers demonstrates the tremendous advantage and flexibility of the CO2 wavelength employed by the DENTA 2 CO2 laser. Replace your scalpel with a CO2 laser and start seeing the benefits immediately.

  • Virtually no power loss to the tip

  • Sturdy design has long lifespan

  • Serviceable 

  • Free floating counterbalance makes maneuvering a breeze

  • Significant power loss to tip

  • Bendable "fiber" wears over time and can break

  • Non-serviceable - must be replaced

  • "Spring loaded" feel creates constant pull against user causing fatigue

Advanced Articulating Arms

The Denta 2's advanced articulating arm is the best delivery system on the market to date. With the help of modern engineering, we have developed an incredibly precise, functional articulating arm that exhibits virtually no loss at the end of the line. This delivery device is by far more reliable, and has a much longer lifespan, than even the most advanced "flexible fiber" waveguides.


Reliable Glass Tubes 

Glass tubes used in the Denta 2 are reliable and have been used in thousands of CO2 lasers since the birth of CO2 technology. These tubes are powerful and consistent, delivering great cutting potential from the machine to the end of the handpiece. Unlike all metal RF tubes, Glass tubes are also inexpensive (costing a fraction of the former) and easy to service.

Unmatched Micro-pulse Technology

The Denta 2 micro-pulse technology uses micro-second pulse widths for greater control, greater precision, and ease-of use. No other CO2 laser on the market can match the precision of our on-board computer and software when it comes to micro-pulse laser. This technology allows the user to perform a deep incision, and then switch to unanesthetized perio treatment at the push of a button. 



"The DENTA 2 CO2 laser has become such an important part of my practice, I can't imagine practicing without it. It allows me to perform an incredible range of procedures with both clinical speed and precision.  In addition, it is one of the most comfortable tools in my office - my patients love it!"

"Next to dental implants, the technology found in the DENTA 2 CO2 laser is the next best thing to happen to dentistry. A day doesn't go by where it isn't used in my private practice, and it has become a staple in my courses at the Midwest Implant Institute."

"The training and service [I] received from GPT has been nothing short of amazing...I can t imagine practicing Dentistry without the DENTA laser in my hands all day long. It is integral to my every day practice of Dentistry..."

Here's what some of our customers have to say...

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