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GPT Dental - Advanced medical and dental laser products

GPT Dental markets advanced medical and dental laser products for use in General Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Periodontal Surgery, Oral Surgery and other specialties. GPT Dental products are engineered and manufactured by Lutronic Corporation, and incorporate several patented and patent-pending technologies that achieve outstanding results and keep GPT Dental at the forefront of laser technology. GPT Dental is the exclusive distributor in North America of the DENTA 2 CO2 laser (for intraoral soft-tissue applications) and the DENTA Rf CO2 laser (for both intraoral applications and fractional skin resurfacing).




Lutronic Corporation was formed in 1997 by a group of accomplished scientists and prominent members of the medical community whose mission was to provide high-quality, affordable medical lasers to the international market. Today, Lutronic is acknowledged as a global leader and premier innovator in the development and manufacturing of medical lasers for physicians, dentists and aesthetic clinicians worldwide.

Headquartered in Seoul, Korea, Lutronic is a publicly listed international company with North American and European operations based in San Jose, California, and branches or authorized distributorships in over 60 countries. Lutronic is committed to the future of medical laser applications. Twenty percent of revenue is reinvested in new technologies. Almost one-third of the workforce concentrates on research and development to ensure each Lutronic laser system is Innovative, Intuitive, Versatile and offers advanced technology at exceptional Value.

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GPT Dental is the successor to a company founded in 1996 to focus on the development and marketing of high tech products to dentists. In 2006, with the introduction of the Lutronic Spectra Denta Laser system, GPT Dental began to reposition itself to offer newer, innovative technologies in the marketplace. In 2009, we introduced the redesigned DENTA 2 and later the all new DENTA Rf. The entire DENTA line employs unique Microspeed™ technology to deliver class leading peak power and the industry's smallest spot size. The DENTA Rf technology and subsequent patents allows the practitioner to perform both advanced skin resurfacing procedures and all the intraoral applications found in the DENTA 2.


Where We Are


From the heartland of the United States, in Fairfield, Nebraska, was born an idea founded on the principles of honesty, integrity and a desire to provide the dental professional the finest surgical products available. After a worldwide search, we concluded that the CO2 laser wavelengths from Lutronic exceed our standards for quality and reliability. Each laser is tested and quality is assured to provide today's dentist with peace of mind and years of reliable service.


Market for Lasers


Lasers are widely used in a variety of medical and dental fields for cosmetic and general surgeries. While dentists have a lot of choices, no single laser can do everything well. Real world experience using lasers demonstrates the tremendous advantage and flexibility of the CO2 wavelength. In April 2005, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared Lutronic's Spectra Denta laser for soft tissue dental procedures. GPT Dental believes that this unique patented Microspeed™ laser cutting technology offers practitioners the widest range of applications, thus yielding significant return on investment. Published studies bear out the advantages of CO2, whether used for general soft tissue management, larger surgeries, treating periodontal disease, treating peri-implantitis, and fractional skin resurfacing.


Our Customer Focus and Commitment to Service


GPT Dental is committed to providing quality products and courteous support from our team of expert engineers. All our employees and representatives adhere to a strict Code of Ethics with the goal of putting our customers first.

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