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Extend The Life Of Your X-Ray Unit

Amery X-Ray specializes in repairing and reloading damaged or leaking Dental x-ray tube heads. Over time, the factory seal that seals the dielectric insulating oil within the x-ray generators (tube heads) degrades and begins to leak. This causes air to seep into the unit, which will eventually cause a short in the internal electrical components. Our skilled technicians have the knowledge and equipment to repair almost any seal, and replace or repair any damaged internal components of your Dental X-ray head. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Amery X-Ray is the leader in x-ray tube head repair for Dentists and Oral Surgeons.

Common Makes & Models We Repair

X-Ray Heads

- Siemens (Sirona) Heliodent MD, Heliodent DS

Panoramic Heads

- Planmeca Promax Panorex

- Siemens Orthopos: 1, 2, & 3

- Planmeca PM 2002 EC & CC

- Instrumentarium Orthopantomograph OP300

- Planmeca Pro One Promax

- Kodak: 8000-9000

- Dent-X, Trophy, and Gendex Intra-oral units

Many More not listed! Call For More Information!

X-ray tube heads have fragile components housed within them, so it is important to package them with care to ensure that they arrive to us undamaged from the shipping process. Please click here for guidelines on packing your equipment. For further instructions or questions on head shipping, feel free to give our team a call!

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